Oiling the Hammond Organ Tone Generator

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(1) Hammond Consoles with Two Power Switches.
[BV, B2, B3, CV, C2, C3, D, RT2, RT3, D100, A100, etc]

    There are three places to oil in these models. Looking in the back on the left is a ďtubĒ located on the Motor/Scanner assembly. You will see felt inside this tub connected to strings going to the bearings. This felt should be saturated with oil. Do not fill this tub. In fact, over filling it can cause oil to go into the Vibrato Scanner and cause Vibrato problems.

    Secondly there are two filler funnels on the Tone Generator, one near the middle of the organ and the other on the right side, usually behind some wires. On older models, they will be brass while newer models will be white plastic. These should be filled twice each. Remember when filling them they are only funnels so they wonít stay full.

    Now many of the earlier consoles have an additional pair of oil cups that are located higher up and in the middle of the Organ. If you have this system, then you would only oil there as the funnel lines direct oil to the previously mentioned places. The left cup goes to the Motor/Scanner tub. Only fill it if the felt in the tub isnít moist. Also only fill it half way. The right cup fills the Generator and goes to both locations on the Generator. Fill it near the top. Again these are funnels and they won't stay filled.

(2) Hammond Consoles with One Switch.
[E100, H100, R100, etc]

    The only difference is the Run Motor. It will have two very small cups on each end of the Motor. The cups will have little spring loaded caps covering them. Lift the caps and put oil into the cups until they are filled. The Generator is as above.

(3) Hammond Spinets with Two Switches.
[M, M2, M3, M100 etc]

    These organs have an extra cover over the Motor/Generator assembly and you have three cups on the cover. The left most cup oils the Motor/Scanner assembly and should be filled only halfway to prevent over oiling. The next two cups oil the Generator and should be filled ĺís full.

(4) Hammond Spinets with One Switch.
[L100, T100, T200, T300 etc]

    These organs have the two regular filler cups on the Generator as explained in #1 and the two very small cups with the spring loaded caps on the Motor like in #2.


Remember to use only  Hammond Oil. The Hammond Organ uses a capillary oiling system and this oil is specifically formulated to work in this environment. These instructions are for normal annual oiling and for normal usage. If the Organ has not been oiled regularly or if itís been more than a year since itís last oiling, then you should put additional oil in.  Do not over oil the Motor/Scanner tub on the left on two switch models.